Are All M 2 Slots NVMe Capable?

Back in early 2017, Intel announced their Optane technology with the promise of dramatically increasing storage capacity for laptops and Ultrabooks. One of the key features of Optane is that it uses M 2 slots, which are typically found on motherboards used in servers and data centers.

However, not all M 2 slots are capable of hosting an Optane drive.

It turns out that not all M 2 slots are created equal. Some M 2 slots are specifically designed to host NVMe drives, while others are not.

If you’re using an M 2 slot that isn’t specifically designed to support NVMe drives, your laptop won’t be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by Optane.

That said, there are still a number of benefits to using an Optane drive in an M 2 slot. Not only will your laptop see a significant increase in storage capacity, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the high speeds and low latencies offered by NVMe drives.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your laptop’s performance, an Optane drive is a great option to consider.

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