Are Slots Legal in Florida?

The legality of slot machines in Florida is a matter of debate. While the state has no lAWS specifically prohibiting them, there is some ambiguity surrounding the issue.

In 1998, the state legislature passed a law that allowed for the operation of slot machines at charitable gambling events. However, the law does not specifically authorize their use in casinos or other commercial venues.

There has been some speculation that this law could be used to legalize slot machines in casinos and other commercial venues. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

In 2013, the state attorney general issued a memo stating that slot machines are not considered games of chance and are therefore not subject to state gambling lAWS. This position was reaffirmed in a 2017 opinion by the state Supreme Court.

Therefore, it seems that slot machines are legal in Florida as long as they are operated at charitable events or regulated by the state lottery commission. There is still some ambiguity surrounding their legality in other commercial venues, but it seems likely that they will be allowed to continue to operate as currently configured.

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