Can All Ships Get 48 Slots NMS?

All ships currently in development for the next generation of the massively multiplayer online game, “Star Citizen” will be able to hold up to 48 slots for players, according to developer Chris Roberts. This news comes as good news for those who were concerned that the game may not be able to accommodate as many players as originally promised.

Roberts also confirmed that the game’s first module, Alpha 3.0, is currently in the final stages of development and is on track to be released in early 2018. This module will introduce the player base to the game’s first planet, Earth, and will also include a new playable ship, the Hornet.

The release of Alpha 3.0 is significant because it marks the beginning of what Roberts calls “the big three,” which are planned phases of development that will continue through 2019: an expansion to Earth; an expansion to space; and a major feature update known internally as “The Sequel.”.

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