Can Non Google Users Use Google Calendar Appointment Slots?

If you’re not a Google user, you might be wondering if the Google Calendar app has appointment slots for non-Google users. The short answer is yes, but there are a few caveats.

First, the Google Calendar app has separate slots for Google and non-Google users. This means that if you’re not a Google user, you’ll need to create separate appointment slots in the app for yourself and any other non-Google users.

Second, if you’re using the web version of the Google Calendar app, you won’t be able to see non-Google user’s appointments. You’ll need to download the app and use it on your mobile device.

Finally, there are limitations on how often and how many times you can use non-Google user’s appointments. For example, you can only have one appointment per day using a non-Google user’s slot, and you can use that appointment only once.

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