Can You Get More Weapon Slots in Breath of the Wild?

In Breath of the Wild, you can only carry a certain amount of items with you at any time. This means that you can’t carry as many weapons as you would like.

However, there are ways to get more weapon slots.

One way to get more weapon slots is to find and defeat a Divine Beast. Divine Beasts are giant animals that you will encounter throughout the game and they each have a unique ability that can give you extra weapon slots.

Another way to get more weapon slots is to find and collect weapons. Throughout the game, you will find weapons lying around in various places.

You can also purchase weapons from shops. Collecting all of the different types of weapons will give you a bonus weapon slot.

Finally, you can also upgrade your weapons. By upgrading your weapons, you will be able to increase their stats and gain extra weapon slots.

Upgrading your weapons is a costly process, but it is worth it if you want to carry as many weapons as possible in Breath of the Wild.

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