Do All M2 Slots Support NVMe?

NVMe is the latest in storage technology and it offers significant improvements over SATA and USB 3.1.

All M2 slots on the latest Z270 motherboards support NVMe, but there are some caveats to take into consideration.

First, your motherboard’s firmware must be updated to support NVMe. Some older motherboards may not have updated firmware, so make sure to check before you purchase. Second, your SSD must also support NVMe.

Most consumer-grade NVMe SSDs support both M2 and U2 formats, but there are a few limited models that only support M2 (like the Samsung 850 Pro). Make sure to research which type of NVMe your SSD supports before making a purchase.

Finally, your computer’s BIOS must be updated to recognize and use NVMe drives. Some motherboards require a specific BIOS update, while others may just require that you enable NVMe support in the BIOS settings.

Again, be sure to check with your motherboard manufacturer before making a purchase.

All in all, all M2 slots on Z270 motherboards support NVMe drives, but there are some caveats to take into consideration. Make sure you have the correct SSD and firmware supported by your motherboard as well as an updated BIOS before purchasing.

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