Do Bards Have Spell Slots?

When you start your Bard character, you may be wondering if spell slots are a part of his or her abilities. The short answer is yes, bards do have spell slots.

However, there are some caveats to this information.

Bards start with two spell slots, which can be used to cast any of the bard’s available spells. Each spell slot can hold a single spell, and the Bard can cast any spell from his or her list of available spells in that slot.

If a Bard’s list of available spells changes while he or she is casting a spell in one of his or her spell slots, the new spell replaces the old one at the end of the casting process.

Bards also have access to special abilities that allow them to cast spells without using a spell slot. These abilities are called exploits and they are detailed in the bard’s class description.

Each exploit allows a Bard to cast one less spell per day than normal, but they can still use all of their normal abilities while casting these spells. The number of exploits a Bard has depends on his or her level and class level.

There are some caveats to this information as well. First, certain classes and spells require different numbers of slots in order to be cast effectively. For example, a wizard needs at least one slot for each spell they wish tocast, while a cleric requires only one slot for their deity’s magic. Second, exploiting an exploit does not count as using a slot for the purpose of determining how many spells a Bard can cast per day.

Finally, some exploits only work while the Bard is within range of a specific type of magic item or creature. For example, an exploit that allows a Bard to cast any divine spell without using a spell slot works only while the Bard is within range of a divine source of magic (such as an altar).

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