Does Dottys Have Blackjack?

Dottys is a new online blackjack casino that has just started operations. The casino is based in the United States, and it offers American players access to a variety of blackjack games.

One of the games that Dottys offers is blackjack with split deck. This game is a variation of blackjack that uses two decks of cards instead of one.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by making cards of the same rank as each other, and then pairing them together.

In order to play blackjack with split deck, players need to select the game from the options on the main page. Once they have chosen the game, they will be taken to a screen that looks like this:

On this screen, players will need to choose how many decks of cards they want to use. They can either use both decks or just one.

They will also need to choose whether they want to use Dealer Blackjack or Player Blackjack. Finally, they will need to select how much money they want to bet.

Once players have made all of their choices, they can click on the ‘Start Game’ button. The game will then commence, and players will need to keep an eye on their cards in order to make sure that they are making smart decisions.

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