How Do I Check My Visa Slots Appointment?

If you have a visa appointment, you can check the status of your appointment by visiting the website for the U.S. Department of State’s Visa Services Center (DSVC). You can find the DSVC website at

gov/. The DSVC homepage has links to specific pages that help you find information about visa applications, appointments, and more.

The DSVC website provides a search tool that allows you to look for information about your specific appointment. If you entered your appointment date and time in the search field on the DSVC website, the website will return a list of results that includes information about your appointment, such as the date and time of your appointment, the location at which your appointment will be held, and whether or not you have been notified of a change in your appointment.

If you do not find information about your appointment on the DSVC website, or if you need more information about your appointment, you can contact the U.

Department of State’s Visa Services Center by telephone at 1-877-VISA-8674 (1-877-867-8274 for international callers), or by email at

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