How Do I Deploy Deployment Slots?

Deployment slots are a feature of the Azure deployment model that allow you to create multiple instances of an app or service, each running in its own isolated environment. This is useful if you want to test different versions of your app or if you need to create multiple environments for different scenarios.

To create a deployment slot, open the Azure portal and select your app or service. Under “Deployment slots” in the blade on the left, click “New deployment slot.”

You’ll be asked to provide a name for your slot and a location where it will be stored. The default setting is to store slots in the same region as your app or service.

You can also choose to store slots in another region if you need more isolation.

Next, you’ll need to decide how many instances you want to create. If you just want one instance of your app or service, leave this field blank.

If you want more than one instance, enter the number of instances in this field.

To decide which instances will run your app or service, select the “App settings” tab and configure the settings for your app or service. You can specify which versions of the Azure platform (.NET Framework, Visual Studio version, etc.) and services (.

NET Core 2.0 apps) will be available on these instances. You can also specify additional settings such as security groUPS and IP addresses.

When you’re done configuring your app or service, click “Create.” Your new deployment slot will be created and listed under “Deployment slots.”.

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