How Do I Get More Plasmid Slots in BioShock?

BioShock Infinite is an action-adventure video game that was developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games. The game is set in 1912 and follows the story of Booker DeWitt, a private detective who is sent to the floating city of Columbia to rescue a young girl named Elizabeth.

After arriving in Columbia, DeWitt discovers that the city is in the middle of a civil war and he must fight against the city’s enemies in order to save Elizabeth.

One of the game’s main features is its Plasmids, which are special abilities that can be used by players to defeat enemies or solve puzzles. Plasmids can be upgraded using ADAM, which is a resource that is found throughout Columbia.

However, players can only have a limited number of Plasmid slots available and they must choose which Plasmids to use during combat or puzzles.

Players can increase their Plasmid slots by acquiring new Plasmids or by upgrading old Plasmids. There are also several side quests that can be completed in order to increase one’s Plasmid slots.

Overall, there are a variety of ways that players can increase their Plasmid slots and make the most use of them in BioShock Infinite.

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