How Do Mail Slots Work?

Mail slots are physical mailboxes that allow mail to be deposited into them from an external source, such as a mail truck. The mail is then sorted and delivered to the recipient’s mailbox.

Mail slots are typically found in public places, such as post offices and libraries, but they can also be found in businesses and homes.

When a mail slot is first opened, the mail that has been deposited into it is delivered to the sorting area. The sorting area is typically a large room with multiple tables.

The table at which the slot’s resident letter carrier is sorting the mail is typically larger than the other tables. This allows the letter carrier to easily see all of the letters that have been deposited into the slot.

Once the sorting area has been filled, the letter carrier takes all of the letters that have been deposited into the slot and places them into one of two large sacks. The sacks are then taken to one of two large delivery trucks that are parked outside of the slot.

The trucks drive to a nearby post office or other designated delivery location, where the letters are delivered to their recipients.

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