How Do Mod Slots Work in Warframe?

There are three types of mod slots in Warframe: Power, Armor, and Mods. Mods are the most versatile and can be attached to any piece of equipment, from weapons to armor to even companions. Power slots are used for equipment that increases your stats, such as a weapon’s damage or armor’s defense.

Armor slots increase your survivability by giving you a passive boost to health or shields. Finally, mods slot into the third slot and give you unique abilities that can change how you play the game.

To attach a mod to an item, simply drag and drop it into the desired slot. To remove a mod from an item, simply drag it off the item and release it.

Mods can be swapped out at any time, so there is never a need to worry about running out of interesting abilities. If you find that a particular mod is not providing the desired effect or is interfering with another mod, you can delete it using the “delete” button in the mods tab of your inventory.

Although mods can be complicated to use at first, they offer a great degree of customization for players who want to make their Warframe experience unique. Mod slots offer an unprecedented level of flexibility for players who want to make their characters truly their own.

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