How Do Pathfinder Spell Slots Work?

In Pathfinder, spell slots work a little bit differently than other roleplaying games. Each spell has a number of slots it can use, and when you cast a spell, you pull from that pool of slots.

If you have fewer slots left in your pool, the spell doesn’t work as well. Conversely, if you have more slots in your pool, the spell will work better. .

This system lets players use more powerful spells without having to worry about running out of slots or using them inefficiently. For example, if you have three slots left in your pool and you cast a spell that uses two slots, the spell will work as intended.

However, if you have five slots left in your pool and cast the same spell, the spell will use four of your five slots instead. This gives players more flexibility to use the spells they want to use without worrying about how much mana they have left or how many cooldowns they have left.

The only downside to this system is that it can be a little difficult to remember which spells use which number of slots. Thankfully, Pathfinder includes a handy list of all spells and their corresponding slot numbers on its website.

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