How Do Reel Slots Work?

In a nutshell, reel slots work by spinning a set of around 30-40 randomly selected symbols on a screen. When a symbol matches one of the symbols on the reel, it expands (or “fires”) and becomes active.

This makes it possible to win prizes by matching symbols on the active reel.

Now that you know how reel slots work, here’s a quick look at some of the more popular titles and how you can win:

Slotomania is one of the most popular and well-known reel slots games. In this game, players select one of three characters – an elf, pirate, or fairy – and begin spinning the reels.

When a winning combination is achieved, players are awarded coins that can be used to purchase new features on the game board or gamble for bigger wins.

Cleopatra is another classic reel slot game that features an Egyptian theme and lots of winning opportunities. Players select one of five characters – Cleopatra, her son Ptolemy, General Antony, Mark Antony, or Caesar – and begin spinning the reels.

Elvis Presley fans will love playing King of Slots. In this game, players select one of three Elvis Presley icons – Jailhouse Rocker, Blue Suede Shoes, or Love Me Tender – and begin spinning the reels.

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