How Do Sorcerers Regain Spell Slots?

Sorcerers have a finite number of spell slots, which are refilled when they gain levels. The number of spell slots a sorcerer gains at each level is based on their Intelligence score.

A sorcerer’s spell slots can be increased by gaining levels in the sorcerer class, but the chance for this to occur is based on their Intelligence modifier. If a sorcerer’s Intelligence is above the required modifier, they will gain additional spell slots at each level; if their Intelligence is below the required modifier, they will instead lose a number of spell slots equal to their deficit.

In order to regain lost spell slots, a sorcerer must find an instructor who knows how to restore spell slots. This process can be expensive and time-consuming, and it often requires components that are difficult to come by.

Once a sorcerer has regained all of their lost spell slots, they can continue to grow in power as they learn new spells and hone their existing abilities.

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