How Do VLT Slots Work?

The Very Large Telescope (VLT) is a telescope located at the ESO Paranal Observatory in northern Chile. It is one of the largest optical telescopes in existence, with a primary mirror area of 3,536 square meters.

The telescope can see objects much further away than any other optical telescope.

Each VLT slot is dedicated to a different type of observation. There are 24 individual slots, each of which can be used to observe a different part of the sky.

When observing an object, the telescope uses a combination of light from different individual slots to produce an image.

Each light beam from the telescope enters the slot at a different angle, so the image that is created is not always perfect. To improve the image, the telescope uses a process called “stacking”.

This involves taking multiple images of an object and then combining them together to create a single image that is much better quality than any individual image would be.

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