How Do You Cut Slots With a Router?

Routers are a great tool for cutting slots in wood. They come with a variety of bits that can be used to cut slots in different shapes.

To cut a slot in wood, start by placing the router bit on the edge of the wood you want to cut the slot in. Make sure that the bit is lined up properly so that the slot you’re trying to create lines up with the bit.

Next, use your fingers to guide the router bit as you slowly move it towards the center of the wood. Keep your hand close to the router bit so that you can keep track of where it is and make sure that you don’t go too deep or too shallow.

Once you have made all of the necessary cuts, it’s time to clean up any debris that has been created. Use a sandpaper block or a piece of cloth to smooth out any rough edges.

Finally, finish up by using a finish of your choice to seal in the new slot and protect it from moisture and wear.

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