How Do You Get Minion Slots in Skyblock?

In Minecraft, minions are small, friendly creatures that do the player’s bidding. Players can summon minions to help them with tasks such as mining or fighting.

However, there is no guarantee that every player will be able to summon minions.

Minion slots are a feature that was added in the 1.12 update. This update allowed players to purchase minion slots in the in-game store.

These slots allow players to summon more minions than they would normally be able to. Buying minion slots is an expensive proposition, and not everyone is able to afford them.

Players who don’t have minion slots can still summon minions by using a magical book. This book allows players to summon any type of minion, regardless of their slot availability.

Players who want to Summon more powerful minions can also use a magical staff. This staff allows players to summon two types of more powerful minions, but it is much more expensive than buying minion slots.

Overall, minion slots are an expensive way for players to increase their ability to summon minions. They are also available only to those who can afford them.

For those reasons, minion slots are not likely to become commonplace in Skyblock gameplay anytime soon.

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