How Do You Get More Attunement Slots in Dark Souls 3?

Attunement slots are an important part of Dark Souls 3, and are a key factor in upgrading your gear. There are a total of seven attunement slots in the game, which can be upgraded at the blacksmith.

The more slots you upgrade, the more powerful the items you can create.

To upgrade your attunement slots, you must first find the corresponding ores and materials in the game. The ores and materials can be found by exploring areas or defeating enemies.

Once you have found the ores and materials, return to the blacksmith and offer them to him in exchange for attunement slots. You can also purchase attunement slots from other players using souls.

Once you have upgraded your attunement slots, you can use them to upgrade your gear. To upgrade your gear, find the corresponding materials in the game and offer them to the blacksmith in exchange for gear upgrades.

You can also purchase gear upgrades from other players using souls.

Overall, upgrading your attunement slots is a key way to improve your gear and power up your character in Dark Souls 3. Be sure to find all of the required ores and materials and offer them to the blacksmith in exchange for attunement slots, so you can start upgrading your gear right away!.

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