How Do You Get More Outfit Slots in Eso?

In ESO, players can purchase clothing and armor from various merchants. However, some players may find that they do not have enough outfit slots to fit all of their desired clothing and armor.

Fortunately, ESO offers a variety of ways to expand one’s outfit slots.

One way to increase one’s outfit slot count is to purchase clothing and armor from the in-game merchants. However, this may not be the best option for all players.

For example, some players may prefer to craft their own clothing and armor instead of buying them from a merchant.

Another way to increase one’s outfit slot count is to find costume pieces that share a same color or style. For example, if a player wants three green outfit slots, they can find green costume pieces that share the same color and style as each other.

Then, they can use these pieces together to create an outfit that uses all three green slots.

Finally, players can also use console commands to increase their outfit slot count. For example, the command “setstage DLC1DLC2 100” will add 100 new outfit slots to the player’s character after they complete the first two DLC quests.

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