How Do You Get More Skill Slots in Witcher 3?

Skill slots are a mechanic in Witcher 3 that allow players to expand their abilities beyond what is possible with Geralt’s default set of skills. To get more skill slots, players must complete quests, find items, or gain experience in specific areas.

There are a total of 18 skill slots, and players can only equip six skills at a time.

Players can also level up their characters to increase their skill slots. Each level grants players one additional skill slot, and the maximum level a character can reach is 50.

Players can also increase their character’s strength and defence by investing in the Crossbow Expert and Northern Realms Expert skills, respectively.

Players should note that increasing a character’s level will not automatically give them more skill slots. Players must spend points earned from levels on specific skills to gain access to those additional slots.

Additionally, players cannot change the skills they have equipped in their six slots, only swap out one of their existing skills for another.

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