How Do You Make NX Slots?

NX slots are a new type of slot machine that was introduced to the market in early 2018. NX slots are designed to be user-friendly, with a variety of features that make them an appealing option for players.

To create an NX slot machine, you first need a computer with a graphics card and a software platform called GameMaker Studio. Once you have these tools, you can create your own slots by following the steps in the video below.

To start, you will need to create a new project in GameMaker Studio. The project template includes a basic slot machine structure, so you can start creating your game logic and graphics immediately.

Next, you will need to create your game icons and graphics. You can use any image or graphic you want for your game, as long as it is sized at 512×512 pixels.

You will also need to create three sound files: one for the game title screen, one for when the player wins or loses, and one for when the game is paused or restarted.

Finally, you will need to add game features and settings to your project. These include things like payouts (in NX coins), bonus rounds, Wildcards (which can replace any symbol on the reels), and more.

Once your project is complete, it is time to test it out! To do this, simply click on the “play” button in GameMaker Studio’s main menu. You can then click on the “profile” button to view your game’s performance statistics.

Overall, creating an NX slot machine is relatively straightforward – but it does require some basic knowledge of GameMaker Studio. If you are interested in trying out this new type of slot machine, be sure to check out some of the available resources online before getting started.

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