How Do You Unlock More Cultivation Slots in MHW?

Players of Monster Hunter World are always looking for ways to increase their chances of success when hunting down deadly monsters. While there is no one definitive way to do this, there are a few methods that may help.

One way to increase your chances of success is to unlock more cultivation slots. This can be done through various means, such as completing quests or defeating specific monsters.

Once you have unlocked more cultivation slots, you can start growing new plants and trees in them. Doing so will give you access to new items and abilities, making hunting even more rewarding.

While unlocking more cultivation slots is one way to boost your chances of success, it’s not the only thing that counts. You also need to be prepared for the challenges that await you in Monster Hunter World.

If you’re not up for a difficult battle, then you may not be able to reach your full potential as a hunter. Persevere through difficult quests and challenges and you’ll be able to reach your goals much faster.

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