How Do You Use Dual Slots in Pokemon Platinum?

Dual Slots in Pokemon Platinum
Dual slots are a feature that was introduced in the Platinum version of the game. Dual slots allow players to use two items at once, which can be helpful for when the player has multiple items they want to use in a single battle.

Players can also use dual slots to store items they want to keep handy, such as Berries or TMs. .

Players can access dual slots by opening the menu and selecting “Items.” From here, players can select which item slot they want to use and then select the second item slot.

Dual slots are especially helpful for storing TMs, as players can keep them handy without having to carry around an entire TM case.

Dual slots are a useful feature for players who want to be able to use multiple items in a single battle. Dual slots are also helpful for storing TMs, which players can use without having to carry around an entire TM case.

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