How Does DraftKings Blackjack Work?

DraftKings Blackjack is a variation of Blackjack that allows players to wager on specific hands instead of just playing all cards. DraftKings Blackjack is a two-player game where each player starts with 10 black chips.

The aim of the game is to make as many hand combos as possible, with the aim of winning money back from your opponent.

There are three types of hands in DraftKings Blackjack: straight, flush, and full house. A straight is five cards of the same suit, a flush is four cards of the same suit and one card that is not one of the original five, and a full house consists of three cards of the same suit and two cards that are not one of the original five.

To win money in DraftKings Blackjack, you need to make at least one hand combo. To make a hand combo, you need to put together three different cards from the same suit.

For example, if you have a straight and two Flushes, you would put those together to make a hand combo. If you only have a Straight, you would not be able to make a hand combo.

There are several different strategies that can be used in DraftKings Blackjack. Some people like to play conservatively and try to avoid any potential losses, while others like to go all-in and risk everything on one or two specific hands.

There is no wrong way to play DraftKings Blackjack – it all comes down to how well you can strategize and how skilled you are at playing the game.

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