How Many Free Character Slots Do You Get in BDO?

BDO’s popular free-to-play MMORPG, Black Desert Online, offers a generous amount of character slots for players. New players start out with six character slots, and can unlock additional slots through in-game quests and rewards. However, those who have already invested a significant amount of time into the game may find themselves with fewer slots than they’d like. Some players have reported that they have only three character slots remaining after unlocking all available slots.

This means that new players would need to spend an average of 10 hours playing the game in order to reach the same level of progress as those who have spent more time on the game. Additionally, even those with more than six character slots may find themselves struggling to fit all their characters onto one server. The game’s developers have announced that they are considering adding new server types that would allow more players to join together on a single server. This would provide a more spacious environment in which to roleplay and explore Black Desert Online.

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