How Many Kona Slots Does Coeur D Alene Have?

Kona Slots is a new gambling establishment that has just opened in Coeur D Alene. It is the only gambling establishment in the city, and it offers slots, blackjack, and poker.

The slots have a variety of themes, including traditional Vegas slots, horror movies, and pirates. There are also a few bonus games available.

Kona Slots is open from 10am to 2am daily. The establishment has a maximum capacity of 25 people, and it offers free parking.

There is no minimum bet requirement at Kona Slots, and players can make deposits with cash or credit cards. The casino also offers free wi-fi access.

Overall, Kona Slots is a fun place to visit if you are looking for some good old-fashioned gambling action. The casino has a variety of themed slots, and the bonus games are also interesting and well executed.

The only downside is that the casino is small, so it may be difficult to find a seat if you arrive during busy times.

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