How Many NVMe Slots Do Motherboards Have?

NVMe is the latest high-speed storage standard that is quickly becoming the defacto standard for SSDs and hard drives. The standard offers up to 3 times the performance of SATA III and up to 10 times the performance of SATA II.

This makes it the perfect storage solution for applications such as gaming, professional video editing, and data intensive workloads.

Now that we have covered what NVMe is and its benefits, it’s time to look at how many slots Motherboards currently have available for NVMe storage. As of October 2017, there are a total of 64 NVMe slots on Motherboards.

This number is expected to grow in the coming years as manufacturers add more compatible M.2 slots and adopt the new standard. So if you’re looking to invest in an NVMe enabled system, be sure to check your motherboard’s specifications first!.

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