How Many Slots Can an Exotic Ship Have NMS?

When it comes to the number of slots an exotic ship can have, the answer is different for each player. However, in general, most ships have between one and three slots. Some ships, such as the Carrack and Constellation, have four slots.

The number of slots a ship has is determined by its size. For example, a ship with a smaller size (such as the Carrack) will have fewer slots than a ship with a larger size (such as the Constellation). .

The Slots on Exotic Ships
There are currently six exotic ships in “Destiny 2.” Each ship has different slot sizes, meaning that each has a different number of slots. The following table indicates the slot sizes for each exotic ship:

Ship Slot Size Constellation 4 Carrack 3 Leviathan 2 Exo Stranger 1 Sparrow 1

As indicated in the table above, the Constellation has four slots. The Carrack has three slots. The Leviathan has two slots. The Exo Stranger has one slot.

Finally, the Sparrow has one slot.
The number of slots that an exotic ship can have is determined by its size.

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