How Many Slots Does Gacha Club Have?

In Gacha Club, players can choose to play either free games or purchase credits to play in more challenging games. There are a total of seventy slots in which to play, with each slot granting players three different chances at winning a prize. The game has a standard RNG mechanic where players do not know what prizes they will receive, but instead must hope for the best. However, there are also specific Gacha Club items that give players a better chance at winning a prize.

For example, the “Shiny Black Cat” item gives players a one in four chance of winning a prize, while the “Golden Balloon” item grants players a one in three chance of winning a prize. Overall, Gacha Club has an average amount of slots per game – with each game containing about six slots – which makes it an ideal game for those who want to try their luck without investing too much money into it.

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