How Many Spell Slots Do Paladins Get?

Paladins are one of the most versatile classes in the game. They can play DPS, Tank, Support, and even healer.

There are many ways to play a paladin, and this diversity makes them one of the most popular classes in the game.

There are currently ten spell slots for paladins. This number may change in the future as Blizzard updates the class.

Each spell slot can be used to cast one of four different spells: Holy Bolt, Flash Heal, Shield of Righteousness, or Divine Shield.

Paladins have a lot of flexibility in their gameplay. They can DPS or support their team while still providing healing and protection.

This makes them a powerful class on both offense and defense.

Overall, paladins are a versatile class with a lot of options for how to play them. They are a powerful addition to any team, and they will help you achieve your goals in the game.

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