How Many Spell Slots Does a Wizard Have 5e?

Wizard spell slots are typically 1 or 2 per spell level, with a few exceptions. A wizard has five spell slots at 1st level, six at 2nd level, seven at 3rd level, and so on.

The number of spell slots a wizard has increases by two for every three levels thereafter, up to a maximum of 18 at 9th level. This means that a 9th-level wizard has nine spell slots (seven at 1st level, two at 2nd level, and one at each of the other levels).

A wizard can cast any spell from the wizard spell list, provided that he has the required amount of spell slots (see above). He must choose which spells to cast from his list of available spells during casting, just as a cleric or sorcerer must do.

A wizard cannot cast any spells that he doesn’t know.

A wizard cannot cast a spell with a range greater than 300 feet if it requires him to make an attack roll. Likewise, he can’t cast any spells with range greater than 600 feet if he is engaged in melee combat.

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