How Many Warframe Slots Do I Have?

Warframe is an online action game where players control a character in a 3D world and battle enemies. There are currently nine warframes available to play: Banshee, Ember, Frost, Guardian, Hyena, Jester, Loki, and Rhino.

Players can choose one of these warframes to play as and customize their character with different weapons and abilities.

There are currently twelve warframes available for purchase with Platinum. These warframes can be used by any player in the game regardless of their level.

Players are able to exchange Platinum for Warframes at the Inaros Quarry. Players also have the option to purchase Warframes using in-game credits that are earned through playing the game.

Players are allotted a certain number of slots for each Warframe they own. The number of slots for each Warframe is displayed next to that Warframe’s icon in the inventory.

The maximum number of slots a player can have is nine per Warframe. If a player owns more than nine Warframes, they will be unable to use any of them in-game.

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