What Are Attunement Slots in Dark Souls?

Attunement slots are an important mechanic in Dark Souls III. They are used to upgrade your equipment and help you customize your playstyle.

Each Attunement has different benefits, and you can only upgrade one at a time. You can also combine different Attunements to create new ones.

Attunement slots are also used to power up your weapons and armor. Each weapon or armor piece has its own specific Attunement, and you need to find the right one for it.

In addition, some weapons and armor have special abilities that require an appropriate Attunement. For example, the Darkmoon Blade requires the Fire Attunement to use its dark magic ability.

The final use for Attunement slots is to invade other players’ worlds. When you invade another player’s world, they will be able to see the names of all of your equipped weapons and armor pieces.

If they defeat you while wearing one of those items, they will be able to take it away from you permanently.

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