What Are Bust Cards in Blackjack?

Bust cards, also known as “dump cards,” are cards that are discarded from the deck after being drawn. They are typically used to improve the player’s odds of achieving a winning hand.

Bust cards can be any card that is not a Ace or King, and they can be of any suit. .

The most common use for bust cards is to improve the player’s chances of hitting a particular card combination, such as hitting a two or three of a kind. However, bust cards can also be used to improve the player’s odds of getting closer to achieving a winning hand.

For example, if the player has two Hearts in their hand and is facing an Ace-2-3 situation, discarding the Ace can improve the player’s chances of getting a third Heart.

There are several different ways to use Bust Cards in Blackjack. One popular way is to use them as part of a strategy called “backdoor play.

” Backdoor play involves using bust cards in order to improve the player’s chances of achieving a winning hand without having to use more conventional Blackjack strategies such as counting cards or playing safe hands.

Another way to use bust cards is as part of an “inside track” strategy. Inside track strategies involve playing certain types of hands more frequently than others in order to increase the player’s chances of winning.

For example, if the player is consistently getting good hands including an Ace and at least one other card, they may decide to start playing Hands with Two Aces rather than Hands with One Ace and Another Card in order to improve their chances of winning.

Overall, bust cards are an important part of Blackjack strategy and can help the player achieve better odds in many situations. Players who are willing to experiment with different bust card strategies will be able to find methods that work best for them.

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