What Are Slots in VUE JS?

Slots are a fundamental part of the Vue.js framework.

They allow you to bind a value to a particular property on an element. For example, you might bind the text value of an element to its textContent property.

Slots are similar to arrays in that they allow you to group together related values. However, unlike arrays, slots can be bound to specific properties on an element.

This makes them very useful for binding data to specific elements in your application.

You can create slots by using the slot keyword on the Vue instance object. To bind a slot to an element, you use the slot keyword followed by the name of the slot and the property on which you want to bind it.

For example, suppose you want to bind the text value of an input element to its textContent property. You would create a slot named “text” and bind it to the textContent property of the input element using the following code:

var input = new Vue({ el: ‘#myInput’, data: { text: ‘Hello, world!’ }, slot: ‘text’, });.

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