What Are Slots on Twitch?

Slots are a feature on Twitch that allow viewers to donate money to charity in exchange for rewards, such as chat badges, game keys, and even custom emotes.

The idea for slots was born out of Twitch’s partnership with donation platform Charity:Water and its desire to give back to the community. In February of 2018, Twitch announced that it would be working with Charity:Water to create slots as a way for viewers to give back to the charity and have fun at the same time.

Since its launch, slots have raised more than $1.4 million for Charity:Water.

The program has proved so popular that it has now been expanded to other global charities such as Save the Children and Direct Relief.

Overall, slots are a fun way for viewers to give back to their communities while also having some fun themselves. They’ve proved to be a hit with both viewers and charity partners alike, and we can expect them to continue growing in popularity on Twitch in the years ahead.

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