What Are the Basic Rules for Blackjack?

The basic rules for blackjack are as follows:

– Deal each player two cards face down.
– The player with the highest card in their hand (or first card if there is a tie) starts the game.
– The dealer must place any bet before playing a hand.
– The goal of the game is to score as few points as possible. A player’s point total is determined by adding up the sum of their cards up to, but not including, the rank of the card they are playing.

For example, if someone is playing a two and has an ace showing, their point total would be three (two plus ace).
– If a player has two identical cards, they must replace one with another (for example, if someone plays a two and a two and has two identical twos in their hand, they must replace one with a three).
– If a player plays an Ace, they automatically win the hand.
– If all players have played their hands and there is still a tie for first place, then the player with the Lowest total in their hand (or first card if there is still a tie) is declared the winner.

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