What Are the Small PCI Slots For?

PCI slots are small, typically measuring just a few inches wide by a few inches long. They’re used to connect peripheral devices to the motherboard, and they come in both internal and external varieties.

Internal PCI slots are found on most desktop and laptop computers, while external PCI slots can be found on some servers and workstations.

Most PCI slots are oriented in a north-south direction, but there are a few that are oriented east-west. This orientation is significant because it determines which way the motherboard’s graphics card will face when it’s installed.

It’s important to note that not all PCI slots are compatible with all graphics cards; it’s important to check the compatibility information for the graphics card you’re considering before making a purchase.

PCI slots also come in different shapes and sizes. Some have multiple layers of metal shielding, while others are just single sheets of metal.

The size of the slot also varies; some are very small, while others are quite large. Finally, PCI slots can be found on both motherboards that use traditional expansion cards and motherboards that use more advanced form factors known as mini-ITX or micro-ATX.

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