What Canon Cameras Have Dual Card Slots?

Dual card slots are a feature that is found on some Canon cameras. These slots allow the photographer to use two different types of memory cards, such as SD cards and CF cards, at the same time.

This can be helpful when the photographer wants to take different types of photos, or want to make sure that they have enough storage space for all of their photos.

Some Canon cameras have dual card slots while others only have one. The EOS Rebel T6i is an example of a camera that has dual card slots.

This camera is great for photographers who want to take photos and videos with both SD and CF cards. It also has a built-in flash, so users can take both photos and videos without having to use an external flash.

The dual card slots on the EOS Rebel T6i make it a great choice for photographers who want to be able to capture different types of photos and videos.

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