What Do PCIe Slots Look Like?

PCIe slots are a type of expansion slot on a computer motherboard. PCIe is a specification for interconnecting various devices in a computer system.

PCIe slots are designed to allow for the installation of additional PCI Express (PCIe) devices. PCIe slots are often used to install video cards, network cards, and other types of expansion cards.

PCIe slots look different depending on the type of PCIe card that is being installed. For example, video card PCIe slots typically have a longer card width than motherboard PCIe slots.

Some motherboard manufacturers also include an integrated graphics chipset in their motherboard designs, which means that there is no separate graphics card available to install in a PCIe slot. In these cases, the integrated graphics chipset occupies the entire width of the PCIe slot.

Some motherboard manufacturers include dual-slot PCIe slots on their boards. Dual-slot PCIe slots allow for the installation of two separate PCIe cards in the same slot.

This is helpful if you want to install two different types of graphics cards or two different types of network cards in your computer system.

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