What Does Rollover Mean on BetOnline?

Rollover is a term that is used in the gambling world to describe when a player wins or loses more money than they had before, because they have been given new betting options. Rollover can happen on any betting option on BetOnline, including sports and horse racing.

When a rollover occurs, the player is given new betting options, which can either be in the same or a different category. This can lead to more winnings or losses, depending on the new options chosen.

For example, if a player wants to bet on horse races but has never bet on jockey races before, they would be given the option to bet on jockeys as well. This could lead to them winning if the jockey bets correctly and losing if he or she does not.

Rollovers are a common occurrence on BetOnline and are something that players should be aware of when placing bets. They can lead to big wins or losses and should be taken into account when making any decisions about their gambling.

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