What Episode Is SpongeBob BlackJack?

When SpongeBob and Patrick are playing BlackJack, SpongeBob is dealt a royal flush. This makes Patrick very angry and he decides to get revenge on SpongeBob. The next day, when SpongeBob is in the kitchen, Patrick comes in and gives him a nasty surprise – he has rigged the deck of cards so that every time SpongeBob flips a card, it comes up as a seven. This continues for days, until SpongeBob is completely broke. In desperation, he asks Squidward for help.

Squidward suggests that SpongeBob play Russian Roulette with his life as the prize. When SpongeBob takes the gun, he has no idea that Patrick has rigged it too – if he pulls the trigger, he dies. However, when Patrick tries to shoot SpongeBob, he misses and accidentally shoots himself in the foot. This finally brings Patrick to his senses and he apologizes to SpongeBob for his actions.

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