What Is a 1/8 Bet Spread in Blackjack?

A 1/8 bet spread in blackjack is a betting pattern in which the player bets one-eighth of the amount they would bet on any given hand. For example, if a player wagers $20 on a hand, they would place $4 worth of bets using the 1/8 bet spread.

This allows them to make more informed decisions about their bets while also allowing them to have more money available to gamble with if they lose some hands. .

The 1/8 bet spread is a popular betting pattern because it offers players a chance to win more money while still allowing them to lose less money overall. For example, if a player hits on the first hand of their session with the 1/8 bet spread and then loses all subsequent hands, they would still lose $16 total, but they would have won $64 thanks to the increased chances of winning.

Overall, the 1/8 bet spread is a safe and profitable betting pattern that can help players win more money while playing blackjack.

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