What Is a Lucky 7 in Blackjack?

A lucky 7 in blackjack is a combination of cards that, when drawn, increases the player’s chance of winning. The sevens are usually the highest card in the player’s hand, and combined with any other cards in the player’s hand, can add up to a winning hand.

While it’s possible to win with any combination of cards, a lucky 7 is especially beneficial because it increases the chances of hitting a silver or gold card, which are both worth more than a regular card. In fact, if you hit a silver or gold card with a lucky 7 in your hand, you’re likely to be rewarded with an additional payout.

A lucky 7 can also help you avoid losing hands. If you’re dealt a low number (two through five), for example, hitting a lucky 7 can help you turn that into a winning hand.

Conversely, if you’re dealt an unlucky 7, it may not be enough to help you win the hand outright. But by combining it with other cards in your hand, playing a lucky 7 can give you a better chance of coming out ahead.

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