What Is It Called in Blackjack When You Go Over 21?

Blackjack is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. When a player goes over 21, they are said to have hit “blackjack.” In blackjack, when a player gets an amount of points equal to or greater than the dealer’s hand, that player is said to have “hit.” When a player has hit, they receive two additional cards, which they can use to try and improve their hand.

If the new total is higher than the dealer’s hand, then the player wins the hand. If not, then the dealer wins.

The term “blackjack” comes from the black cards (10s through Ace) being worth more than the color red (1s through 10s). A player who gets 21 or more points from their original card hand is said to have “hit blackjack.

” If the dealer also has 21 or more points, then the player and dealer both win. If either player has fewer than 21 points, then the player loses.

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