What Is Side Bet in Blackjack?

Side bets are a popular way to increase the excitement and engagement in blackjack. They can also provide an edge for certain players, depending on the rules of the game.

Before we get into side bets, it’s important to understand how blackjack is played. The game is played between two players, with each player being dealt two cards face down.

The player with the higher card (Ace or King) starts the hand. The player then either plays those cards or makes a bet.

Bets can range from as small as one cent to as high as a hundred dollars. The most common bets are two-to-seven, which means that the player bets either two or seven chips.

Bets can also be made on specific hands, like doubles or triples.

When it’s the turn of the player to play, they either put down their card or hit (put their hand on) the table in front of them. If they have a higher card than what was previously hit, they win the hand and collect all of their bet chips plus any additional chips that were wagered on that hand.

If they have a lower card than what was previously hit, they lose the hand and don’t collect any bet chips.

Now that we’ve covered how blackjack is played, it’s time to discuss side bets. Side bets are when one player wagers money on a particular outcome of a hand while the other player watches and takes no action (except for doubling up if necessary).

There are three main types of side bets: forced bet, pass line bet and dealer stand (also known as “come out” or “push”). With forced bet side bets, the dealer forces one of the players to make a bet before dealing any new cards.

This type of side bet is typically used in low-limit games where there isn’t enough money available to wager on individual hands.

Pass line bets allow players to place a bet before seeing their own cards. This type of side bet is favored by experienced blackjack players because it gives them an edge over less-experienced players who might not be able to estimate how good their hands are going to be.

Dealer stand side bets involve placing a bet before every hand rather than just when it’s their turn to play. This type of side bet is popular in high-limit games where money is available to wager on every hand.

By betting before each hand, players can increase their chances of getting rich quick by hitting some big hands early in the game.

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