Does Micro ATX Have 4 RAM Slots?

Anatomy of a PC
There are many different types of PC configurations, but the Anatomy of a PC is always the same. A PC contains central processing unit (CPU), main memory, and storage devices.

The main memory is where programs are stored and run. The CPU is responsible for carrying out instructions given to it by the operating system (OS), and controlling all the other components in the computer.

The Anatomy of a PC has changed over the years, but the basic structure is always the same. The most recent trend in PCs is the so-called “micro-ATX” form factor.

This new form factor replaces the traditional ATX motherboard with smaller boards that only have four RAM slots instead of the usual six.

Is a micro-ATX motherboard limited to only using 4 RAM slots?
No, a micro-ATX motherboard can actually use any number of RAM slots. In fact, some micro-ATX motherboards have as many as eight RAM slots! The limitation is only that the motherboard can only use four RAM slots.

So if you need more than four RAM slots on your micro-ATX motherboard, you will need to look for a different motherboard type.

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