How Do Progressive Slots Work?

There are a number of different progressive slots games that have hit the market in recent years, and they all work in a similar way. When you start playing, you will be given a certain number of free spins which will activate automatically. After that, you will need to make a selection from a selection of available symbols. The symbols that are chosen during this stage will determine how much money you will win during the free spins phase.

If you choose the wild symbol, for example, then you will be awarded double the amount of free spins that would have otherwise been given. The more symbols that are chosen during this stage, the higher the chance of winning money. If the player doesn’t make any selections during this stage, then they will be awarded with standard free spins which give them the opportunity to win cash prizes. The key to success with progressive slots is to choose the correct symbols at the right time, and to max out your free spins so that you can maximize your chances of winning money.

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